Texas Children's Hospital: Interactive Naming Rights

The Development Department of Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) expressed a need to develop an interactive visual application tool for the purpose of fundraising across various TCH facilities. Abstract designed and developed a software application that allowed for a TCH team member to input data into a user-friendly, front-end interface which then could be exported into a full 3D-animated walk-through with creative shots, visuals and audio soundtrack.   READ MORE ON OUR BLOG! 

Schlumberger: proVISION

Schlumberger identified the need for an educational and interactive digital media asset that showcased their proVISION Plus tool, to be used at exhibitions and sales events around the globe. Abstract built a 4K vertical video display with the physical tool model backed by a high quality visual effects animation. An interactive dashboard was positioned at the user’s waist level to engage clients/attendees with a high quality, visual effects animation. Overall, it allowed for the sales team and engineers to interact with the target audience.