Animation Demonstrates New Products from USA Industries in Complex Working Conditions

USA Industries is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Piping Isolation and Testing Products, providing customers with the largest inventory of isolation and hydrotest paddle blinds on the market. Because their products are used in complex industrial piping processes, it's not always easy to show employees and potential clients their new line of products in action. So USA Industries contracted our team to help them animate a few of their new products to be shown in a typical working environment. 

Our team created the following animations using purchased pre-made 3D industrial environment of an industrial environment that we then modified to fit their vision. Considering the scale of the environment they required, it would have cost a fortune to animate their actual facility from scratch when really we want the audience focused on the new products and how they work. Instead we purchased a fully modeled out refinery and manipulated the areas to fit the client's needs, saving a lot of time and money. Plus USA Industries will be able to reuse this environment for other products they want us to showcase in the future.

The following videos demonstrate a 100% accurate and to-scale replica of the EZ Purge Slip Blind and EZ Torque Gasket in use. This process can be used for most industries, so contact us for a free storyboarding session if you have a complex process you would like to show through animation. 

GIST OF THE STORY:  Creating a purge (or “stand-off”) area at the flange of industrial piping by modifying traditional slip blinds or inserting objects between the blind and the gapped flange is an unreliable process that continually proves to damage valuable equipment. With its unique “P” Handle for easy identification, and even sealing surface above milled channels, USA Industries’ EZ Purge Blind allows users to create gaps efficiently. The EZ Purge Blind eliminates damage to the flange and reduces expensive and timely field modifications with an engineered solution.

GIST OF THE STORY:  EZ Torque Sure Seal Gaskets are designed to provide a positive seal that uses less than half the installation torque required for typical soft iron gaskets. Lower torque means no more stripping of threads, ensuring a consistently tight seal, and a long life for your equipment. The EZ Torque Gasket includes a graphite outer shell laid over a serrated metal inner core to create a durable, strong bond.