Animation can Bring Any Process to Life... Here's Proof

We took a second to review what we’ve created for ourselves recently, and it occurred to us that we could really use a new opening animation. This project took roughly a year, by our team putting in spare moments between client work.

Our inspiration came from a few different movie studios such as Lions Gate and their intro animation. Naturally we wanted to go bigger and better while keeping it relatively short but that went out the window as we began production. The idea was to present a short and impactful story about the creation of our logo. It started with the foundry idea, we wanted to create a chaotic atmosphere because there is a common “Chaos breeds life” trope in all creation stories or events such as the birth of our planet or a star. 

As we were wrapping up production on the foundry area we were trying to figure out where to go next. We had a few ideas but we were coming up with the story as we were creating it. We didn’t want to put constraints on the project by creating a storyboard. Typically we plan every frame of animation in excruciating detail but we wanted to be a little more free spirited with this one. The crazier the idea, the better the result … right? 

We ended up going with a space-age clean-room style factory environment. We felt that it was a great contrast to the gritty and chaotic foundry environment. Think of it like a restaurant or retail store. The back rooms/ kitchens are always chaos, but everything in front of the customer is nice and presented well.

Once we decided on the clean-room concept we figured why not have it in space? Why not have the metal produced in the foundry get stomped into plates on an assembly line, then have robots pick up the plates and use them to construct the logo that we are currently in? Better yet, why not harness the power of a star to power it all then have it “Big Bang” and breathe life into the logo? So that’s what we did! 

We used a pretty standard workflow for this project. Modeling and animating was done in Autodesk Maya. Multiple render passes were created using Octane render and compositing/scene finishing was done in Adobe After Effects.

This is animation not only represents the level of animation we can do for our clients, but also the complex processes that we can bring to life. We would love to do more creative projects for our clients that are used to tell a story! I feel like we produce our best work when our team is allowed to be creative without restrictions.