Hardware, Software, 3D Modeling… This Project Took It All


Sometimes the best solution to a problem doesn’t require unearthing groundbreaking new technology, but simply thinking about what’s not working within the current process.

Texas Children’s Hospital is a valued client of ours, and frequently expressed to us the need for a better way to present their “naming rights” opportunities to prospective donors.

When people make charitable contributions to institutions like hospitals and museums there are typically several different “naming” tiers presented to the donor as a thank you and recognition of this person’s generosity to patrons of the facility.

At the time, Texas Children’s was using static imagery edited in Photoshop by various team members to display the name of the donor within an image of the proposed signage. No flashy cameras, or big light setups, or fancy lettering on the plaques … just a picture of a name on a sign in a hospital hallway.  

This process took hours to complete, and still came out looking pretty rough – certainly not glamorous enough to warrant a million dollar donation request.

After presenting us with this problem, our team brainstormed what we could provide to Texas Children’s as a more professional solution that could be created quickly by a staff member.