Our New Year is off to a running start, and (as most companies do) the Abstract Media team sat down to reflect on our success in 2015 and to discuss the work ahead for 2016.

Last year our team saw growth in size, abilities, and even in the office space around us. Most especially we leveled-up our client portfolio quite a bit with the addition of the prestigious technology company Schlumberger, and the award-winning Texas Children’s Hospital.

What we did for Texas Children’s Hospital was definitely the greatest amount of work we’ve taken on to-date. As a team, we completed 1,500 hours of scriptwriting, shooting, editing, animation, and voice over work … in just 6 weeks. We think the resulting videos are simply amazing …  

Physically, our growth exploded with the doubling of our office space in 2015, and we expect to open another suite of offices within our building towards the end of 2016. During 2015, our modest office off of Magnolia Circle (just North of Houston) went from 2,500 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft. with the addition of a new wing for editing pods and a chic conference room for brainstorming. This year we plan on adding another 7,500 sq. ft. to accommodate our growing team.

Last year was a good one for Abstract Media, and we anticipate 2016 to be even better. That is why we added a new page to our website for news, updates, and even commentary articles from our team. We wanted to provide our friends, clients and fans a way to keep up with all of our action. Beyond the new construction we mentioned before, some of the big things we will be doing as a brand in 2016 include new clients, new projects, and even plunging into new technologies for content creation.

First, we are sending several team members to San Diego to capture footage of the Farmer’s Insurance PGA Open at Torrey Pines on behalf of an exciting new client. We will be taking images and video of the course, the tournament play, and the hospitality areas, so we will get to know this event inside and out! Be sure to look for samples we’ll be posting on social media. 

As a visual media company, we immerse ourselves in the technological innovations for creating content. With that said, it is widely known that the upcoming year is going to be ALL about Virtual Reality, particularly after the VR explosion that just took place at CES (see more on our recentFacebook post for more on that discussion).

This year our team is dedicating a portion of our time to answer this question: how can we help brands make consistently good content for VR? Particularly for our Oil & Gas clients, we see a lot of use in VR content for training and research development. However, we don’t want to limit ourselves to the industries we are comfortable with – why not explore VR content in a lot of applications? If we put our minds together, what could we do with VR content for a commercial construction business, or an architectural engineering firm?

We offer many online resources for you to learn more about Abstract Media and what we build for our clients. However, we’re also a team of living, breathing humans who enjoy a good conversation over the phone (or in our fancy new conference room we told you about). Don’t hesitate to reach out for an exploratory chat about your potential project!