Abstract Media was born at the end of 2011. We started with the goal to create eye-catching visualization tools that improve a company’s brand image, while improving sales, marketing and/or operations. We are growing extremely fast and continue to work on new and exciting projects that we've never attempted before. Abstract Media works with some of the top companies in their respective industries and continues to branch out into uncharted territory with our unique approaches. Our team is a group of digital storytellers that utilize the latest technology to generate visual assets that will leave your jaw lying ever so gently on the floor. Our open work environment allows free thinkers and creative masterminds to create works of art for every industry — we'd love to have you over and show you around our creative space. Abstract Media has every system in place to ensure optimal quality, communication and accountability. Many say we are the perfect digital cocktail between engineers and digital artists.


Brian Bogus

Brian Bogus is everything but bogus; he's the real deal. Actually, he's the president. As presidenté, Brian manages the entire Abstract team as well as everything that concerns our clients. From traveling near and far visiting clients, to making sure everyone is on point, Brian is the glue to Abstract Media—super glue that is. Amicable and organized, he is the champion of client relations and the gladiator of awesomeness at Abstract.

Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker continues to blow people away with his unique approaches at cinematography and visual effects. Our clients are consistently amazed at the final product every time it is delivered. Besides handling mind blowing visual effects and video work, he is the Vice President. Andrew is the one that makes sure our production team is delivering face-melting quality ... every single time.