Abstract Media is a visual studio that creates beautiful 3D animations, quality video productions, cutting-edge augmented reality experiences, immersive virtual reality simulations and so much more. We also offer custom technological solutions for companies who want to improve a specific element of their business with a professional creative flare. Abstract Media focuses on developing visual sales, marketing, training and operational assets to improve corporate messaging, sales and workflow. If you are in the oil and gas industry, the medical field, or are a brand that is trying to get outside the box, you are in the right place.


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Whitehorse Technologies

As global costs continue to rise due to costly equipment that breaks too often, Whitehorse Technologies offers a solution with their thermal coatings.

Chloe Story

In this story we explore just how far a family and her doctors will go to save her life.

Quick Reference Guide

Here we have converted the entire printed 2015 Quick Reference Guide into mobile application form, complete with a custom CMS for future products and expansions.

MasterFlo AR

For MasteFlo, we created a custom Augmented Reality solution that can be used on the tradeshow floor as well as a mobile device.




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